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The commitment to quality and efficiency has equitably qualified Mashael Al Rowad Co. Ltd. to gain fame and reputation all over the Kingdom. Its capabilities to finance and execute projects of any magnitude in Civil, Electrical, Mechanical or Operation and Maintenance as per highest standards and specification, on time, and also within the available budget, has emerged one among the reputed list of contractors for works requiring speed and quality.

Mashael Al Rowad Co. Ltd. role did not limit to project construction as per specifications and scope of work assigned, but also to make suggestions and solutions for problems in the field of Pipe laying, Construction of Lift Station and Pump Stations, Sewage Treatment Plants etc as per various site conditions.

Mashael Al Rowad Co. Ltd. has always been on the look out for every latest and modern technology in the construction field and has thus become the leader among other contracting companies to use the latest technology in trench supporting system, without causing disturbances to underground utilities and roads.

Initially to begin with, Ministry of Agriculture and Water was the main client of the Mashael Al Rowad Co. Ltd.

During the course of time, Mashael Al Rowad Co. Ltd. has constructed kilometers of water piping networks, with different types of pipes ( PVC , FRP, RCP and DI ) diameters varying from 75 - 1000mm worth , with valves, main and subsidiary concrete ground and elevated water tanks, chlorinating and pumping units. Despite the vast scope of work, Mashael Al Rowad Co. Ltd. completed all project in time date.

Records will show that from that date onwards, Mashael Al Rowad Co. Ltd. continuing its successful journey in executing various water projects in eastern and central provinces.

Mashael Al Rowad Co. Ltd. has a Team of Civil and Electromechanical Engineers engaged in design, technical study, preparation of shop drawings, material procurement and project planning using all modern ways and computer software.

Professionals, well versed engineers engaged in construction and implementation of Water, Sewer and Storm water Networks with different types and diameters of pipes, Lifting and pumping stations, Sewage Treatment Plants, Water wells and Plants in various parts in the kingdom, Operation and maintenance of different networks and its related works.


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