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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Company Profile

Mashael Al Rowad Co. Ltd. (MARCO), were established in the late of nineteen-nineties. Many factor helped us gaining our success and expansion; mainly, the existence of well experience partners who known the market requirement and the business itself, MARCO employs many executives, professional managers, engineers and high caliber skilled staff whose disciplines cover every aspect of the Construction, Telecommunication, Operation & Maintenance and Securing a modern technology equipment and tools to satisfy the needs in Saudi market.. The adherence to highly qualified standards of services along with the modern equipment and machinery; enabled us to maintain its distinctive reputation among the leading companies in the Construction & Telecommunication businesses.

MARCO deals in many activities in the Saudi market; mainly, In Communication Sector which deals in engineering design, technical survey and installation, Operation and Maintenance and Civil Works such as erection and construction of towers. Construction and Services sector which deals in building construction, metal frameworks, potable water piping network excavation and construction, sewerage and drainage construction; Road Construction Sector which deals on road re-construction due to the construction of sewage drainage, water piping, telephone lines and electrical projects. And Transportation Sector; a newly develop division to achieve the best performance and promptness, and to complement the other projects to cover the local market demands. On the other hand MARCO seeks to execute all essential and complimentary works with deals in high standard quality and we open new areas in appropriate to the plans and capacities of the company;

Within a short period of time, MARCO already acquired the customer satisfaction, and occupied a well distinguished position in the Saudi Market through investing modern technology equipment and tools to our employees to help them in performing their works in a very good quality. MARCO also took attention of giving our employee a training to gain their knowledge and to provide the best performance. MARCO established a quality assurance department to monitor the product’s quality and to attain the standard and satisfaction of the customer. MARCO continually endeavor to develop and expand the work in an objective and scientific way that can assist in preserving this entity and fasted our place to enter the global market.


Providing a high quality service and to create the level of best performance and result to our customer, to acquire a good reputation and customer’s satisfaction. MARCO is looking forward to conquer the global market and obtain the (ISO) certificate.



Company Profile (Arabic)


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